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March 28, 2008

The feel-good theater event of the season!

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Patterson, The Husband & I attended this evening’s production of “The Little Dog Laughed” at the Unicorn. It’s the story of an up-and-coming Hollywood actor, Mitch Green, and the conflict between his dreams for his career and his love for the male hustler he ordered in one drunken night for a bit of comfort. Donna Thompson turns in a stellar performance as his driven, hilarious agent who finds her own dreams crumbling when Mitch begins to question what he truly wants from life. It’s a great little piece of theater on how our search for love can have unintended consequences, how those closest to us can manipulate us for their own gain and about a betrayal of the love one person feels for another. That’s a lot for a show to tackle and it only one of the four characters ends up getting exactly what he or she wants.

Why is it the feel good show of the season? FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDITY, BABY! Jittles bouncing up-stage right to down-stage left. And these are some serious jittles. Plus, it’s a damn funny show. But mostly there’s jittles. It’s running through the Sunday matinĂ©e. Call for tickets if you like nummy boys wearing little or nothing and and a hi-larious Hollywood shark who’s pulling all the strings.

March 27, 2008

HSWG reports on a local blogger meetup.

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I would consider going, but I don’t like to leave Midtown & Downtown. And I don’t like to cross State Line. Or meet new people. And I doubt I’m missed. And drinking at home is cheaper!

Really lame exclusive: Yael Abouhalkah not an asshole!

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So says an anonymous Star editor in response to my probing and slightly slurred question (i.e. “Is Yael Abouhalkah really the asshole he seems to be?”) at a local bar this evening. I want to believe, despite much evidence to the contrary (I’d link, but just go read some columns or watch an episode of Ruckus). Actually that’s not true; I desperately want to believe the contrary.

He could totally win my heart forev’s by turning swiftly to his right and punching Mike Shanin in the jittles.

On the plus side, I was able to give a heartfelt thanks to the anonymous editor for the Mayor’s Christmas letter on PrimeBuzz. That shit totally keeps on giving.

March 26, 2008

Chalk one up for the big guy.

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Kansas and Missouri lawmakers are proposing limiting language on milk bottles. Looks like aggie drug pushers & DFA dairies are afraid small, locally-owned dairies like Shatto are cutting into their piece of the pie. Sadness.

Killer quote: “Some customers, however, don’t trust the FDA and want to avoid milk from hormone-treated animals.”

I can’t imagine from where this lack of trust comes . It’s a puzzle.

I’m a big fan of Shatto products for a couple of reasons, chiefly their glass bottles are returnable for the deposit, so I’m producing less waste and that’s less to carry out on trash day. And I’m really lazy.

Doggie news.

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Shawn Moriarty is the best bartender in the city.

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Ladybird, Scoots & I went down to City Tavern in the Freight House District last week and we’ve been talking about it ever since. We used to stop in fairly regularly for oysters & smart cocktails, until I had an unfortunate encounter with a bad oyster. Twenty-four hours of toe-curling stomach cramps with the dog laying beside me praying I didn’t die (she knows which daddy likes her best) kinda put me off my game for several months.

But a few night’s back the scheduling stars aligned and we made our way back to the Tavern. Nothing’s changed, not that we really expected it. There are still the same amazingly well-crafted happy hour appetizers priced crazy-low for the quality of the ingredients. Oysters are still $1/each from 4-6 (though I gave them a wide bearth; I’m not quite ready to climb back up on that particular horse) and Shawn Moriarty is still making some of, if not the best cocktails in the city.

Mr. Moriarty is cocktail nut and it shows in his craftsmanship. He’ll make any drink you like exactly as you like it and if you don’t know what you want, after an appraising look, he’ll rattle off a few suggestions. His Corpse Reviver No. 2 is a revelation, his Negroni sublime and his Jasmine rocks all ass. Plus he dresses like an old-school barkeep with a vest and armbands and tie. Also, he’s quite easy on the eyes.

If you haven’t tried the City Tavern bar, I recommend a trip post-haste. Stick around for an awesome dinner, too. Ladybird & I are already planning another trip this week. If you see a couple of folks tossing back Rusty Nails & cackling like mad, stop by & say hey.

March 25, 2008

Carcinogens like to turn in early.

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Kansas City’s council-approved smoking ban began today. I guess. The downtown bar/restaurant where I enjoyed happy hour this evening wasn’t bothering to enforce the 9pm rule. I enjoyed several of the few Camel Special Lights left in the city along with a number of rather smart martinis with my dear friends, C. & K.

If we have to protect the children, I humbly submit we ban children from anyplace where adult activities (like smoking, drinking, working, talking, etc) take place. Plus, I suspect children cause cancer.

March 22, 2008

Happy Easter.

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Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be shaking my bustle for The Work today then enjoying some lovely cocktails with friends this evening.

Don’t get none on ya!

March 21, 2008

All the world’s a stage upon which we can perform a play from which David Mamet gets a cut.

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La Mamet is living the dream. Thanks, PrimeBuzz girls, for putting me off my gin.

Another bad day for one of the city’s premiere neighborhoods.

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And another rolling gun battle, this time in the heart of Brookside.

Some friends from Brookside are always making fun of my neighborhood and joking about locking their car doors when they come over. I mean, sure, I can’t keep a potted plant on my porch for more than three days, and if you move too slowly some Crack Creature will steal the fillings out of your teeth to sell to the scrap metal place down on Troost, but today I’m content not to live in Brookside.

What resident’s of the city’s “nicer” neighborhoods and suburbs seem to forget is that if you live anywhere in the metro, there’s a really good chance that you’re living near people who have no money, few opportunities and little to lose. It’s easy to bag on Midtown, Downtown & the dreaded “East Side,” but as the economy sinks further into the crapper (until the Miracle Checks save us all!), I predict an upswing in violent crime in “safe” neighborhoods whose residents always considered themselves far removed from violence & despair. As the divide between “us” & “them” narrows, maybe we can work together to give everyone a leg up. But we’ll probably just build bigger fences, get fancier alarms systems and piss & moan about the “way things used to be.”

Damn, I used a lot of double quotes in this post.

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