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March 28, 2008

The feel-good theater event of the season!

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Patterson, The Husband & I attended this evening’s production of “The Little Dog Laughed” at the Unicorn. It’s the story of an up-and-coming Hollywood actor, Mitch Green, and the conflict between his dreams for his career and his love for the male hustler he ordered in one drunken night for a bit of comfort. Donna Thompson turns in a stellar performance as his driven, hilarious agent who finds her own dreams crumbling when Mitch begins to question what he truly wants from life. It’s a great little piece of theater on how our search for love can have unintended consequences, how those closest to us can manipulate us for their own gain and about a betrayal of the love one person feels for another. That’s a lot for a show to tackle and it only one of the four characters ends up getting exactly what he or she wants.

Why is it the feel good show of the season? FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDITY, BABY! Jittles bouncing up-stage right to down-stage left. And these are some serious jittles. Plus, it’s a damn funny show. But mostly there’s jittles. It’s running through the Sunday matinĂ©e. Call for tickets if you like nummy boys wearing little or nothing and and a hi-larious Hollywood shark who’s pulling all the strings.

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