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August 29, 2008


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I’m a bit confused by the pick of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s runningmate. Have they ever been in the same room together before today? Seems sorta gimmicky to me. Just from what I’ve seen of her on TV today, I’d say temperment could be a bit of a problem. It kinda looked like she was treating the whole thing as a joke.

The McCain campaign has stressed Barack Obama’s lack of executive experience and a lenghty record as key reasons to be leary of electing him, and yet they pick a former mayor of Wasilla and first-term governor of Alaska. “But she’s not at the top of the ticket! Experience only matters at the top of the ticket!” the bloggers say. She’s running to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, and with McCain turning 72 today there’s fewer and fewer heartbeats left.

“Picking Sarah Palin will bring the Hillary supporters firmly into the McCain camp!” Maybe those who can’t read or, y’know, hear. Sarah Palin is at odds with nearly everything Hillary Clinton stands for. I guess the hope is vaginal-Americans will stand for sisterhood before good sense.

“She’s clean and her short record means there’s less for Democrats to go after.” Well, she’s currently under investigation for abusing her power as governor in an attempt to have her sister’s ex-husband, an Alaskan state trooper, fired. Subsequently, she allegedly fired the guy who refused to fire the trooper.

The pick makes sense, though, for a couple of reasons. She wants to blow up the world for Jeebus, and could help bring the winguts safely home to the welcoming arms of Mother Republican. Also, if you can manage to separate her from her reprehensible policies and position, she seems likable and kinda fun in a wackadoodle, set-your-house-on-fire-for-a-laugh sorta way. She reminds me of a young Ann Richards. I’m looking forward to the VP debates.

Also, as The Husband pointed out, her husband looks like an aging gay porn star, so that’s kinda cool I guess.

From Rising Hegemon, Attaturk has concerns:

Oh, and since she’s a mystery let me be the first to exploit the newest of American traditions and proclaim…

She’s a secret Muslim!*

*not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  1. She terrifies me. I actually went into a depressive tailspin last night after I heard the announcement and had to go find speeches from the DNC to bring me back to some sort of equilibrium.

    I alternately relish and dread seeing Biden eviscerate her in debates. Relish because I think he’s a vastly more capable speaker than she is. Dread because of the inevitable squealing about how meeeeeeaan he was to the nice mommy lady.

    Oh, and Cliff rightly pointed out that she reminds him of the Lutheran sister from ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous.’ Another strike against her.

    Comment by Sarah — August 30, 2008 @ 9:05 am

  2. Imagine a network show called: “Who Wants To Be Vice President?” She would win. Because she’s cute. That’s how we roll.

    McCain believes in the power of good looks. And why not? Good-looking women have served him well. The formerly good-looking wife who got ugly (and subsequently, divorced) still likes him.

    McCain once said of Quayle: “I can’t believe a guy that handsome wouldn’t have some impact.” Was he wrong about that?

    I report, you decide.

    Comment by Mo — August 31, 2008 @ 3:43 pm

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