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September 4, 2008

Your daily Palin – 9/3.

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As mentioned earlier, I remain fascinted by the Republican VP candidate. Let’s tune in and find out what reliable conservative water-carriers really think about the Palin pick when they think the mic’s turned off.

I think Peggy and Mike’s invitations to the next McCain BBQ might get lost in the mail.

Also as mentioned earlier, I finally found a bit of the Palin platform I can get behind. She’s for 5am bars! Sure, the police chief of Wasilla was against it because of an increase in drunk driving and sure, he alleged Palin fired him to appease her bar-owner supporters and the NRA (he opposed a concealed-carry bill) in a 1997 lawsuit. But as someone who enjoys hanging out late in bars and whose only hope for stopping that bratty neighbor kid who rides his bike through my daylilies on his way to the street is a run-in with a driver who may or may not be three sheets to the wind, Sarah & I are totally on the same page here. A judge ruled the that the mayor could fire the police chief for any reason she wanted.

Is it just me or does the word ‘vendetta’ seem to come up over and over again in the good governor’s career?

Oh, and its not just godless librul recreational-abortion supporters who don’t know much about Sarah Palin. The Republican National Co-chair doesn’t even know her name:

In related news, in a show of support to women who define themselves by their children’s hobbies, I join soccer moms and hockey moms as a proud eating-my-own-poop-in-the-backyard mom. Yes, she’s very cute. No, I wouldn’t give her a kiss.

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