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September 9, 2008

That’s my girl!

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Rachel Maddow, sitting in for Keith Olbermann, calls a spade a spade.

The good doctor’s first show on MSNBC this evening was a bit hit or miss. In the first 10 minutes, she relied heavily on suport from Mr. Olbermann and his interview with Barack Obama. Keith Olberman, while shilling out a great deal of red meat for his liberal followers (I stand among them), has a tendency to be pedantic and comes across as rather narcissistic. Rachel seemed a bit unsure of herself in her interaction with her MSNBC mentor, but quickly took control after shuttling KO out of the studio. There are some bits to be worked out, but I really enjoyed her “Talk Me Down” segment where Dr. Maddow, in high dudgeon regarding an issue of the day, has a guest ‘talk her down off the ledge.’ The highlight of the show was ‘It’s Pat!,’ a segment with her own “Uncle” Pat, Pat Buchanan. Despite their ideological differences, she and Buchanan really have an engaging on-air rapport and a seeming respect for each other that is totally engrossing. While is was totally awesome to see Kent Jones back in the segment-saddle covering pop culture on a show with Rachel, tonight’s installment came across as quite forced. These two have worked together in the past and I figure they’ll get a handle on their ‘television machine’ chemistry rather quickly (althought Rachel’s always uncomfortable when discussing anything to do with TV shows or celebrities; totally not her milieu). I can’t wait to see future episodes.

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