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September 18, 2008

Lord, make a way.

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  • Bette Midler once joked, “No muff too tough! Ugly women have pussies, too.” The mayor of Mount Isa, Australia has taken this sentiment to heart, welcoming “ugly ducklings” to the sausage-fest over which he presides. Oddly, Australian women aren’t leaping at the opportunity.
  • A KC city countil committee endorsed changes to the smoking ban today. Primary change? Restricting smoking in casinos to areas where only those 21 or older are allowed. Like bars. Where smoking is banned. Dumbfuckery.
  • Lately it seems like you have a better chance of being a crime victim in Brookside than in some of the more unsavory areas of the city. Like the Plaza. Brookside Goodcents robbed at gunpoint. Resident walking dog robbed at gunpoint. Murder at 62nd & Troost.
  • Dan Renzi’s still around? Awesome? I worked with Dan a number of years ago on the board of a local gay-type organization. Nice enough guy, though falling firmly in the high-maintenance quadrant of the gay color wheel. So I guess I’m like two degrees from that crazy guy who yelled “Hello…Bitch? Helloooo?” in the phone to that nutjob Flora on The Real World that one time. So that’s kinda cool, I guess.

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