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October 1, 2008

I link because I love.

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  • Frequent commentor (mostly queerty.com links, weirdly) and my #1 weekend hag, LA is a resident of Baldwin City, KS, and while I’m constantly trying to get her to relocate out of that backwards backwoods hillbilly hole in the road vibrant small town full of heartwarming American values for life in the crime-ridden and poorly governed glorious urban paradise of KC, I realize that the small-town life offers some very appealing amenities. Housing’s cheaper for one thing, and the public school’s are decent (and might remain that way if residents of Baldwin can see their way to passing the school bond ballot issue this November) and the Maple Leaf Festival is awesome in every regard (especially that homemade gordita guy). But apparently even the folks of Baldwin are feeling the impact of the economic meltdown.
  • The mayor remains both a failure and an asshole.
  • Expectations for Sarah Palin’ performance in the veep debate on Thursday are so low that bloggers both local and national are already declaring it a win, with the proviso that she doesn’t lift her skirt and take a shit on stage. I’m not counting that out. Time will tell…
  • I may well be dodging sniper fire on my way into the Tina Turner concert tomorrow night. Wish me luck!
  • Congress really wishes you’d stop bugging them about your retirement accounts and foreclosures and stuff. To that end, they’re putting temporary limits on constituent emails. You may still send your complaints by stagecoach or standing outside your door and screaming up the street. Don’t forget to finish with ‘pass it on!’


  1. I just spent some time going through your archives, and I am apalled. How is it I knew nothing of this blog? You are
    hillarious. And I see you link me, which makes you Hella smart to boot.

    Comment by midtown miscreant — October 1, 2008 @ 1:15 pm

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