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October 9, 2008

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.

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So, tonight Union Hill and Longfellow finally had a rolling gun battle to call our own. No more do we have look longingly at the gunplay in Brookside and think “If only we had more street violence and gangbanger’s with grudges rolling through our ‘hood, maybe our home prices would skyrocket too!” No more will we have to turn our eyes west and wonder “How can we entice small business owners to our neighborhoods without late-night shootings, stabbings and muggings that seem to come so easily to Westport and the Broadway corridor?”

Police indicate the RGB started on Harrison, and if I were a betting bitch I’d put my five-spot on it originating from the vicinity of the Narcissist, but time will undoubtedly tell. Or maybe not. This will probably disappear from the radar tomorrow when violence breaks out in another random location in the city.

Y’know, Jan Marcason stopped by our neighborhood meeting the other night to pimp light rail. I’m generally a fan of Jan’s (excellent work sending Gloria home, btw) and of mass transit (in theory; in practice I’m not so much a fan of crazy homeless men rubbing one out while sitting next to me), but maybe the council (it’ll have to be them because the mayor is absolutely fucking useless) could set aside some time in their busy schedule trolling for a 3/8 cent sales taxes for dodgy transit plans and see if they can scratch up some scratch to PUT SOME MORE FUCKING POLICE ON THE STREET AND GET THIS SHIT UNDER CONTROL.

Meanwhile, let the good times roll.


  1. praise the lord and pass the kevlar. I never thought of it much, but Union Hill has dodged the RGB bullet for a long time.
    Before I moved off Broadway , I looked at an apartment behind KCPT, jeebus what a shit hole that was. Makes my 80 year old
    apartment look like the Park Place. If they ever get 31st fixed, maybe the gun battle will roll through to broadway and miss Union hill all together.

    Comment by midtown miscreant — October 9, 2008 @ 4:26 am

  2. Could not agree more that just as crime went crazy in the late 80’s under the “us vs. them” tax policies of Reagan, I myself had 4 friends or family members robbed/carjacked in the Waldo area during that time, we are seeing the same pattern under W and Reagonomics Part Deux.

    As for the Narcissist, don’t even get me going! The owner, the Carter Group (which is actually just one lady), has this as well as the Fairhaven, 625 Armour, and other properties that do nothing but promote crime and decay.

    The reason for the umbrellas is it was a “grand plan” to bring an upscale, full service Apartment building to the area, complete with concierge service and cafe…Timing and a complete lack of funds ensured that the concept would be as viable as the polka dot umbrellas and the tiger skin carpet.

    Until properties like these are either greatly upgraded or bulldozed, the issue will continue to get worse.

    Comment by HugoPhucoffGOP — October 9, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

  3. Looks like you are now getting the old ZEN crowd styling. I feel sorry for you, but my advice is to buy a couple of guns, load them, put them in the middle of your home and add two more locks to out side doors, to gain you some time when they try to kick in the door and don’t go out after dark. Sorry but the Police will do nothing but put up barricades and come to neighborhood meetings and look official. In Kansas City we still do not understand that “a bird that shits in its nest soon ends up with a nest full of shit”. In other words when our residential areas are NO TOLERANCE zones then and only then will we have some semblance of a good quality of life.

    Comment by midtownman — October 9, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

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