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October 10, 2008

Links are on me.

Alright. This has been a shit day. About an hour into The Work this morning, I realized I was wearing two different shoes, one brown and the other black. This is what I get when I dress in a dark bedroom and pay more attention to rubbing hound tummies and snoze-kisses than to preparing myself for the outside world. There was a good deal of technical shim-sham today and it took more prodding than I really wanted to deliver to get folks motivated to figure it out. When we got home we found Beebs had scattered dirty laundry all over the house and had an accident. In our bed. Three accidents, by the look of things. Thank Jeebus it didn’t soak through the comforter (now at the cleaners). She’s been going out quite a bit tonight and I think she has a bladder infection. It’s off to the vet tomorrow. There was one small glimmer of awesomeness though…

Finally, David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks has been reprinted at a reasonable price-point. This book is kinda the holy grail to cocktail fiends and even tattered copies go for $100+ on ebay. I’ve been bidding on copies for over a year now but had yet to acquire one. Then I saw this little item today on The Spirit World blog. I ordered a copy immediately. If you’re interested, it’s $10 cheaper here than on Amazon.

And here’s some local shiz that cycled through Google Reader today while I was waiting for callbacks.

  • No one I know has any money (I took a look at my 401k today and my balls drew up inside my stomach cavity, but since I’ve got 20+ years until retirement, I’m not all that concerned), but maybe there’s still enough liquidity in OP to support a store selling $60 t-shirts. I’ve never been to a Von Maur, and after a peek at their website I think its a trend I’ll continue.
  • There was a time when the prospect of KC bars closing before 3am would have filled me with a sense of righteous indignation. As i grow older, I’m of the mind that the fewer drunk d-bags on the streets, the better. You’re never too young to start learning the pleasures of drinking alone at home. And though I grew weary a number of years ago of everything served in a cocktail glass being labeled a martini, here’s a fantastic autumn recipe to get you started: the Pumpkin Pie Martini.
  • I think Sara at Noodletown is the local blogger I’d most like to meet. Oh the things we’d eat together! If anybody has an invite to this party and needs a dashing dandy to escort them, but is willing to settle for me, leave a comment.

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  1. Thanks for the Embury tip, though I don’t know how it could possibly compete with my Playboy Host & Bar Book which is so wittily written that it makes me eager to try the most preposterous cocktails. I also just finished ‘Everyday Drinking’ by Kingsley Amis and it’s a must-read for alcohol-enthusiasts. Representative quote:

    “The first, indeed the only, requirement of a diet is that it should lose you weight without reducing your alcoholic intake by the smallest degree.”

    Comment by DLC — October 10, 2008 @ 7:05 pm

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