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October 22, 2008

JOCO mall employee stays KKKlassy.

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From KMBC via TKC, a customer of Journeys at Oak Park Mall, while returning a pair of shoes, encountered one of the specialties of suburban dwellers: virulent racism.

KMBC’s Marcus Moore reported that Keith Slater, 22, bought a pair of shoes from a store called Journeys. Slater later returned them after finding a cheaper pair at another store. Slater did get his money back, but it was what was printed on the receipt that he and his family found disturbing.

The receipt, which shows “Cust: Dumb” and then the n-word, is what Slater received after returning a pair of shoes to Journeys at Oak Park Mall.

How could that have possibly made it on the receipt?

Hoping to get answers about how the words got on the receipt, the Slaters returned to the store the next day. But they said they never got a full explanation, only that the employee entered a generic code.

“And it pulled up six or seven different choices, and the choice that she (the employee) chose was the very last choice,” said Slater’s father, Keith.

After a few texts between Scoots and I extensive investigative work, AKCB was able to acquire a list of the other 6 options included in Journeys register returns application.

  1. Uppity bitch
  2. Some fag
  3. Dirty kike
  4. Greasy spic
  5. Your mom
  6. Joe the plumber

As this post went to press a statement was finally issued by Journeys parent company, Genesco:

“While we are continuing to investigate this incident, it now appears that an employee in one of our stores entered highly inappropriate statements in a form used to process a merchandise return. Needless to say, such an act was not authorized by Journeys, and will not be tolerated. This employee has been terminated.

“At Journeys, we pride ourselves on valuing and respecting every customer. We are shocked and sickened that a former associate could be responsible for an act so out of keeping with our culture and our values. We profoundly regret this incident.”

Thank goodness. It was an Isolated Incident.

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  1. “It was an Isolated Incident.”

    I hope to say it was!

    Why, none of my middle-aged white friends have ever had this happen to them. Just the thought of it shocks and sickens me.

    Not that we would shop in such a place or wear shoes those people wear.

    Well, I’m glad that’s over.

    Comment by Doc — October 22, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

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