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November 16, 2008

Meet Shmo!

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Our new foster-dog, Sedona, but we’re calling him Shmo, because as evidenced by the photo above, he’s a big shmo. He’s getting along quite well with the other dogs. The TV room, at the moment, looks like the death chamber of your local pound with greyhounds passed out everywhere. He’s a bit more “into” the cat than I had hoped he would be, but Supes could give a shit, so we’re sorting it out.

Here’s a thing. Last night, I gave him a druggie cookie (a Three Dog Bakery peanut butter cookie soaked with 6 drops of Rescue Remedy) to kinda wind him down for the night. He wouldn’t take it from my hand, so I put it on the rug and he snarfed it right away. Five minutes later, I look over and Beebs is staring at me, taking a piss on the spot where Shmo enjoyed his cookie. I really could’ve strangled her right there. I have since forgiven her, but the bonds of trust remain strained. Aside from that, everything’s going swimmingly. He’s a bit shy and loud noises scare him, but he’s got a sweet disposition and is going to make an awesome dog for somebody.


  1. […] Shmo learned stairs on his own. When I left home from my lunchtime visit, there were three grumpy muzzled faces downstairs. When I came home, there were three happy muzzled faces upstairs. We’ve been working on stairs since Friday night and had made it past the quaking-in-fear stage, but not to a point where he was ready to tackle them without loving support and guidance. I guess when he realized the girls were going back upstairs to sack out in bed, he decided to conquer his fear and head up with them. I’m a very proud foster-papa. […]

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  2. […] some more conversatin’ and a meet & greet with the Ladies and Shmo (yes, we still have Shmo; seriously, no one’s gonna take him when he’s so weird & shakey & stuck to me […]

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