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November 18, 2008

A good day.

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Shmo, oblivous to Bebe’s charms.

Good stuff happened today.

Shmo learned stairs on his own. When I left home from my lunchtime visit, there were three grumpy muzzled faces downstairs. When I came home, there were three happy muzzled faces upstairs. We’ve been working on stairs since Friday night and had made it past the quaking-in-fear stage, but not to a point where he was ready to tackle them without loving support and guidance. I guess when he realized the girls were going back upstairs to sack out in bed, he decided to conquer his fear and head up with them. I’m a very proud foster-papa.

This afternoon a co-worker and I complained about the lack of heat emanating from the registers near our desk. In short order, a gentleman from facilities services arrived to remedy the sad situation. I commented that it was now toasty like a campfire and we should make s’mores. It struck me that it was an idea whose time had come. So tonight, I made s’mores, toasting the marshmallows over the gas burner on the stove and softening the chocolate in the microwave. We ate them over the sink with Scoots & Mrs. Scoots who’d come to see the new arrival. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

On tap for tomorrow, more Shmo-training & a trip to Red-X and/or Mega-Liquor Mart at 119th & Fallow Field for an apricot brandy or an apricot eau de vie so I can try this delightful cocktail recipe. That apricot-flavored stuff at the Berbiglia is not to be trusted. No apricots were harmed in its making.


  1. The Dark Chocolate Smores were amazing. What a nice way to end a Monday – Smores, Shmo and Shim Shammery.


    Comment by Scoots — November 19, 2008 @ 4:40 pm

  2. I hate it when I’m not invited for shim sham.

    Comment by Ladybird — November 20, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

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