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January 23, 2009

Sweet Jesus, save me.

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Just back from Jesus Christ Superstar at the Midland with The Husband, Patterson, Ladybird & LA. The theater looks fantastic, but the seating was Southwest-tight. Ladybird assures me that its not always so, having recently attended an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance there.


Ted Neeley is 104 if he’s a day (Wikipedia says 66, but what they’re selling I ain’t buying). Seriously, it was like the cast of Rent up there and someone’s grampa wandered on stage. Half his songs, looks like they just replay the damn soundtrack from 30-odd years ago cuz he can’t do the shrieks anymore. When he appeared on stage Patterson leaned over and whispered “I didn’t know Vincent Price was in this” in my ear. Mary Magdalene may not know how to love him, but I do. Give him some hot tea and put him to bed after Wheel of Fortune.

Thank god for Hot Guard Number One with the beard and short hair. Musical… musical.

Also thank god for $9 vodka rocks from hyper-muscled bartenders with dreamy eyes.

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