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May 14, 2009

Three KC things I hate everybody else seems to love.

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1. Roasterie coffee. Except when I want overpriced and bitter. Then I’m all over it.
2. Arthur Bryant’s. The sun rises and sets with LC’s and this place doesn’t even try anymore.
3. The Marching Cobras. Oh, and with the fiery passion of thousand suns. Every time I see them, I pray for an out-of-control delivery van to end the nightmare.


  1. Even the Holiday Blend Roasterie Coffee? I really dig that stuff. I don’t know what the other two items are.

    Comment by cliff1976 — May 14, 2009 @ 5:40 am

  2. #1 and #2 are spot-on, Roasterie tastes like absolute crap, and Arthur Bryant’s rib are NOT good at all (add Jack Stack to that most overrated ribs in KC list as well). AB is living on a “legacy” from decades ago.

    LC’s is king, with Gates being a solid second.

    Comment by EastSideGoon — May 14, 2009 @ 10:42 am

  3. Never was a fan of 1 & 2. But I like marching bands… blame my parents. They were both marching band geeks.

    Comment by May — May 14, 2009 @ 3:25 pm

  4. I hate it that some kind of strange magnet is hidden under this city that keeps pulling Clay Chastain back here.
    I hate that the best we can do with advertising bicycles and bicycles is to put that loud mouth Councilman Johnson on a bike on the news.
    I hate reading the Kansas City Star while drinking Rotisseris coffee seated next to some red tie suit.

    Comment by marie — May 14, 2009 @ 5:24 pm

  5. Ponak’s polish tex mex. ugh.
    Margarita’s. Double ugh.
    Forced British accents struggling against years of living in the Midwest (see also: Nick Haines KCPT, Kim Noble KCUR)

    Conversely — Things I love that are generally disliked by KC:

    The Dotte
    Authentic mexican food
    KC Weather

    Comment by sa rah — May 14, 2009 @ 8:03 pm

  6. You just love to hate. Arthur Bryant’s is great(sliced pork and briscuit…plus those fries!) and so is Oklahoma Joe’s(pulled pork Carolina style). And how can you hate Roasterie Coffee? Is it just cause its everywhere?

    Comment by jessica — May 17, 2009 @ 8:43 am

  7. …I just plain old hate living in Kansas City!..This has got to be the most cliquish city ever. We moved here from Texas where most everyone is friendly. Not here..if you aren’t from here, you will never truly be accepted and have friends. Everyone I have met has lived here all their life, and their parents live around the corner from them. Nobody ever moves,and they don’t even take trips anyplace else. But then again, where is there to go? 4 hours any direction you see more of the same type of terrain. BORING!… This is a town that lives in its past. The motto needs to be “But this is the way we’ve always done it!” If my hubby hadn’t been forced to move here with his company I would not have come .I look forward to the day I can move away. I just absolutely hate living here. HATE IT!

    Comment by Miss R — July 4, 2009 @ 2:10 pm

    • Honey, I don’t know what part of the city you live in but that’s not my KC experience at all. I’m a transplant and I’ve found this city to be exceedingly friendly and an easy place to live, but then again I’ve always lived in Midtown or downtown. While we don’t travel a great deal (2 or 3 times a year), it’s always a pleasure to come home to Kansas City.

      Comment by AKCB — July 4, 2009 @ 4:02 pm

  8. I moved here from Philadelphia in July 2007. I tried giving it a chance, but I absolutely HATE it here! I was dragged here by my husband’s job and now I am divorced and stuck here with my own work contract. I am NOT religious and I just don’t fit in here with my tattoos and fire red hair! People are nicer and better drivers in Philly and the food here SUCKS! There is nothing to do but eat, go shopping or go to the movies. Sure, there are awesome museums, but how many times can you visit them? Aside from the beauty of the land, I have NO reason to stay! The weather is nice, too!

    Comment by TRL — January 8, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

  9. I agree with you about Arthur Bryants. It’s overated. But I love Kansas City. And why is it a bad thing that Kansas City has held onto to it’s traditions, residents, and culture, instead of throwing them away for globalization? Also what does being religouse have to do with anything? Phildelphia certainly isnt secular.

    Comment by Tyler — March 3, 2010 @ 11:36 pm

  10. This is the bible belt and it has a lot to do with it. No, Philly is not secular, but they do not alienate you for not going to church, here they do! BIG TIME. My daughter is chastised in public school and they talk about church and religion a lot and that bothers me. I respect people’s religious beliefs and they should respect my choice of turning my back on organized religion.

    Comment by Tara — March 4, 2010 @ 12:58 am

  11. ..I also think if you move here from another part of the country , you won’t like it. Most people I know are from the ‘midwest’ anyway.People from Chicago seem to really like it here. I have known alot of people that moved here..got a whiff of what it was like..and moved away. My problems with this area are many…we bought a house on the wrong street, sent my kids to a private school (big big mistake there..have since pulled them all out)..had a reclusive mean old lady neighbor. 180 degrees different than the life I had before. I lost my good friends, good church and good school. I don’t like the cold weather either or the high humidity. Counting the days down until hubby can retire. Sorry KC..just not diggin’ the scene.

    Comment by Miss R — June 24, 2010 @ 12:27 am

  12. Moved here from ny 2 yrs ago and man i’m shocked. With all the bad press ny gets I think this place is way worse. I didn’t have to lock my doors back home here you have “meth heads ” running around stealing the copper out of your house if you leave to go on a walk. The driving is some of the worst i’ve ever seen. Home invasion 3 doors down where they knocked out an old man and stole everything including the condiments out of his fridge door. I expected a little more Americana from ” The Heartland “

    Comment by mike — December 19, 2010 @ 8:20 pm

    • I am so happy other people feel the same about it here. I HATE IT HERE. I agree with the NY comment, people say New Yorkers are rude… you gotta be kidding me. Missourians are the rudest most ignorant hypocritical bible thumping people I have ever come in contact with. They are so far behind the times. I am embarrassed to say I live here, which is purely financial at this point. The food is terrible, unless your looking for deep fried BAR B Q…the people do not know how to have small talk, unless they are gossiping or preaching about church or why everyone should own a gun…..REALLY???? They all get married around 15yrs old which I guess is why EVERYONE I come in contact with is on their 2nd or 3rd marriage, and has kids scattered all over the state(which they are fine with and actually seems to be quite normal here) I have to stop because I could honestly go on for days. I will say I feel bad for the people who were born and bred here because they don’t know any better.

      Comment by miranda — August 12, 2011 @ 3:32 am

  13. I’m moving to KC very soon. I find many of these comments to be pretty amusing. I guess I’ll have to find out for myself but I will add this. I’ve lived in quite a few different places and even different countries. I’ve yet to find a place where everyone liked being there. That just doesn’t happen. Everyone is unique and so is every city. Everyone’s experience will be different too. You could live in a boring spot or hot spot, low crime or high crime. So I take all this badmouthing with a grain of salt and half-plate of bar-b-que’d ribs. But WHEN will that waiter ever bring me another soda? Can’t he see I’m dying over here!?! 🙂

    Comment by mintgreenhorn — August 19, 2011 @ 2:31 pm

  14. I have lived here nearly all my life and I as well cannot stand it! It’s relief to see others here feel the same way. People here are some of the most hateful, hypocritical, and well…some of the creepiest people I have ever came across. I have been all over the United States and yes, while I can agree there are many parts of NY that I don’t care for too much and 22 degrees in April? That sucks, but I would take it over KC, no doubt!. To hell with this shit hole cow town. I cannot wait to leave it forever! I gave this place too many chances.

    Comment by IdiotSavant — November 13, 2011 @ 1:51 am

  15. Nobody wants to read a simplistic assessment of an entire city, and putting aside filling out a detailed report on KC, I will give a compendium. I moved here from Long Island NY for a job about 7 years ago. As stated above by mintgreenhorn not everyone loves a place and I suspect those who are frustrated are more likely to blog about why they hate something. You can find things to love here, yes you can. It is a very inexpensive place to live. You can get great to good coffee at pretty much every corner of the city. There are some great places to fine dine and museums to boot. Great BBQ with lots of types to choose from. The traffic is rarely a problem though construction can hinder any expected expeditious treks but again there are a number of alternatives if there is a blip. Shopping is absolutely convenient and their are two professional sports teams whose stadiums are easy to access along with a number of music venues with various types of genres to choose from, like the BBQ.

    Before anyone believes I like or even love it here, I will admit I absolutely loathe KC. The day I drove here my heart sank into my stomach and has never left my guts. It is ugly, and the city planning has been atrocious, mostly from what I understand for the benefit of KC’s suburbs. It is making a turn around but with an extremely high violent crime rate and a currently unaccredited public school system, anyone looking from the outside would most likely be, at a minimum, apprehensive about moving here or at least visiting. In short, KC is not on many people’s list of destinations. And when I mean people I mean other Americans and international tourists. Further, the city (pointing at planning again) is way too spread out along with it’s population. There really is no urban core just a series of mostly unconnected neighborhoods. The idea of connectedness resurfaces as again KC has a very poor public transit system. I lived in New Orleans for about 5 years and at the time it had major problems with crime and its schools but it had a vibrancy and history second to none and a much better public transit system. Ok the food too was incredible. And furthermore they had a healthy pride in New Orleans instead of having a pervasive, “I’m against it/uncomfortable because it’s not from here”, attitude that lingers in the background of KC’s populous.

    Much of what I’m blogging about really comes down to likes and experience; what an individual brings to the table. Essentially, most people from the KC region do not respect that there is, and, I often suspect, are resentful of (are hostile to) an outsider’s perspective. People here are not particularly open, are fundamentally conservative, and unconcerned with the larger world and in some very important respects have wilfully created an unfriendly environment. They do not want to incorporate, include, or, associate with anyone except themselves. A friend of my who is also from the east coast and has lived here for about 3 years calls this phenomena “entitlement”. The spirit of her sentiment speaks volumes. In the south people are conservative but light years ahead in politeness and friendliness. After I moved here 3 different people all of which were from the area or had spent at least 15 years here sat me down and explained to me that no one would befriend me. KC is a small town. Most people either know eachother or within minutes can know pretty much everything they deem important about someone, or think they know, through a short list of questions to ascertain someone’s education and from which local region/county they sprang from. Too many shortcuts, which really adds to the unfriendliness.

    KC lacks a strong creative streak, a positive, life affirming vibe, open thinking, openess in general, and basic friendliness (I have met more rude, openly hostile people here than anywhere else I’ve been). It’s not the worst place in the world but as an outsider there is a grand ballroom of improvement that could be filled. Most places exist in it’s own bubble but KC’s is way too small and isolated I strongly suspect for most people who come from other non-midwestern areas of the country.

    I am moving away from and will not miss KC. As a final note I found a new job on the west coast and can’t wait to leave here. It’s not a middle finger in the air to KC because when all is said and done KC’s “problems” are staring it in its face. I wish that people here do open up, travel to and live in other places, and experience and are open to being influenced by other places and ideas from which kernels of can be extracted that would make KC a much more pleasant place to live. KC has potential but just seems to squander it because it doesn’t know any better or resents being asked to think about it. This is all just my opinion.

    Comment by Mark — May 23, 2012 @ 2:18 am

  16. I hate KC, too. Thank God I got a job promotion when I was 24 and moved to Chicago (which I love and have never looked back.) I only go back to visit my mom, but other than her, I don’t miss one darned thing about that shithole town. What cracks me up is the over-played hype over the Plaza Lights. Isn’t there anything else going on any other time of the year? Give it a rest, people. The other thing I’ve noticed during my torturous visits is that everyone…I mean EVERYONE wears either KU t-shirts, or, if they are formally dressed, a KU SWEATSHIRT. HAHHAA. Oh wait, if they are REALLY knocking it out of the park, they will wear a CHIEFS tee or sweatshirt. Total hicks. The one person was right when they say there is no city planning. Dontcha just love where they put the airport?? It’s like in another state! There is no central downtown hub; the one they’ve got is like a ghost town. Everyone lives in those gawd awful suburbs, and the only thing they do is go from Mall to Mall and shop. And shop. And shop. And drive around in their gigantic gas guzzling SUVs. All of the people are boring, narrow-minded, religious hypocrites. The restaurants range from bad, to worse, to just plain awful. No wonder everyone there weighs 400 lbs.; all they do is eat fast food or rave about the barbecue. Glad I moved. Will NEVER go back.

    Comment by Susan — March 25, 2013 @ 1:57 am

  17. I grew up there and happily left about 15 years ago. Never thought of moving back. Amusingly my highschool friends are just now figuring that out. It’s fun to visit here and there.

    Comment by gotaway — September 21, 2013 @ 5:02 am

  18. Everything about KC sucks. I can whip everyone here.

    Comment by Stuckin Hell — December 19, 2013 @ 6:44 am

  19. Damn, I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I’ve been here 1 year, and can hardly stand the mentally vacant, blandness, and just how provincial this area is. My work is in OP, where they never met a chain restaurant they didn’t like. WTF’s is all this devotion to amateur and pro soccer ?, and yeah all the KU and K state graduates blathering on and on about their school, friends, and wearing the jerseys, etc. The people around here tend to travel in packs, 10-12 at some breakfast place, and dress like slobs. Been to a few networking events, and quit after I realize they are basically high school or college re unions, if you’re not from here, forget it. I’m out of here soon, this place sucksssssssss.

    Comment by David — December 28, 2013 @ 7:15 pm

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