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April 15, 2010

Original cocktail time!

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Probably. I mean it’s so simple, surely somebody’s come up with it before, but here’s the deal. Y’all know my friend the crusty bastard, right? Well the bastard and our mutual friend LAB are quite enamored of a highball they call the Pirate Mo. It’s a long drink consisting of coconut rum (but not the one you’re thinking of), Diet Coke and the juice from half a small lime. Good, but not mind-blowingly so. This evening I took it upon myself to find a slightly more complex yet still delicious cocktail that features their coconut rum of choice, Lady Bligh (a dear $13 or so per liter). I’ve come up with the working title of…

Sunshine on My Shoulders

  • 1.5oz Lady Bligh (or Malibu, if you’re feeling flush) coconut rum
  • .75oz Strega liqueur
  • .5oz lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with mint or a lemon peel.

I shall try this with lime juice after my next trip to the grocery store, but as it stands, it’s a pretty decent little cocktail. Do with it what you will. I recommend making it in quantity for your next wilding!

April 11, 2010

And I would like to thank you, Dixie Carter…

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…on behalf of ALL sitcom lovers in the world for your portrayal of Julia Sugarbaker.

Dead at 70.

April 9, 2010

John Aravosis will blow your fucking head off.

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John Aravosis of AmericaBlog, one of my daily reads, has apparently completely lost her fucking mind.

Last night, in regards to the “Pardon me, sir. Quatar light?” incident, he posted this:

They should have shot him on the spot. What the hell is an Arab diplomat doing making jokes about blowing up US planes?

Today, he carried on carrying on.

Reckless judgments? The ass tried to light up a cigarette on an airplane. Something that has been illegal since the early 90s, going on twenty years. Has he been living under a rock? And he lit it up in an aircraft bathroom, which is a fire hazard – airplane bathrooms are full of paper in a confined area.

No threatening activity? An Arab lighting a fire on an airplane. I’m not saying it SHOULD mater(sic) that he’s Arab, I’m saying it DOES matter in terms of only making things worse. Absolutely tone deaf.

And this evening, he reiterated his earlier point:

Qatari diplomat who tried to smoke a cig in airplane bathroom, then joked about lighting his shoe on fire, was en-route to visit Al Qaeda inmate. All one big coincidence, I’m sure, but Qatar had better fix this now. (And I’m sorry, but you try to smoke on a plane, you deserve to be shot by the air marshal, as far as I’m concerned.

Seriously? Because of a nicotine fit? The guaranteed arrest, probable fine and possible jail-time (provided, of course, you’re not covered with some sweet-ass diplomatic immunity) aren’t punishment enough?

Now, I know the guy has asthma. Anybody who’s read a handful of his posts knows he has asthma because he’s real chatty-cathy about it. Like allergies, I don’t believe in asthma and automatically assume people who claim they have asthma are faking attacks for attention. Therefore, I’m calling for the execution sans trial of those with “asthma attacks” by federal agents on account of I find it annoying.  I mean sure, you could use your inhaler, but how do I know that’s not some weaponized aerosol super-Muslim toxin designed to kill everyone around you? I don’t, therefore you should be able to hold that until the end of the flight and do it outside the airport, fifty feet away from the exit. Or die!

Also, crying babies, people with MBAs who sit next to me and want to use my tray table to hold a stack of work documents while sighing loudly over there laptops, old ladies who want to talk about how “that colored man is destroying the country” and anyone who doesn’t keep the window-shade drawn. Shoot them too.

Or, maybe we could both have a fucking sense of perspective. After all, people did smoke on flights for a goodly number of years and to my knowledge none of them dropped out of the sky due to an errant butt. Now it’s against the law, so don’t smoke on planes y’all, but if you succumb you shouldn’t have to be guaranteed a SHOT IN THE FACE.

Also we could request Qatar send fewer arrogant numb-nuts assholes over here on diplomatic bidness.

April 3, 2010

O glorious day!

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Well, June 6 anyway. Received a call from my good friend the Crusty Bastard this evening. Guess what’s making its triumphant return to the list of Kansas City’s summer food festivals? KOSHERFEST! This is one of my favorite food experiences in KC and I missed it terribly last year. If you’ve yet to experience it, mark your calendars. You won’t be disappointed. The macaroons! The blintzes! The kugel, oh the kugel…

April 2, 2010

Maybe, just maybe…

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Newark, NJ just had its first calendar month without a murder since 1966. Pretty impressive for a city once dubbed the “Most Dangerous City in America” by Time Magazine. Perhaps our good mayor, instead of, y’know, hosing pigeon shit off bridges, could dash up there and see what they’re doing about this whole “violent crime” thing.

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