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August 22, 2008

So, apparently I’m gonna be a mom again.

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Or at least a foster-mom. With the Woodlands closing, lots of adorable little snozes need temporary (& permanent) homes, so this weekend we’ll be taking in a charming new boy. The details have yet to be worked out and I’m not actually sure which boy we’ll be getting, but he’s a greyhound, so you know he’ll be adorable. There’s a fairly good chance I’m going to be a failure at fostering and just end up with three dogs. We’ll see how it goes.

For those unfamiliar with greyhounds, the above pic is not of dead one. The ‘cockroach’ or ‘dead bug’ position is assumed by the greyhound at its most content and comfortable. Man, I love these dogs.

February 18, 2008

Meet Bebe!

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Here’s our new girl! Bebe is two & a half, and arrives at our house only having spent a few weeks off the track. She’s very little (for a greyhound) and this is her first time living in a non-kennel environment; she is finding home-life to be a bit of an adjustment. She’s still pretty confused by stairs, though today she’s coping pretty well with the steps down from the porch to the yard. She’s very sweet and loves attention. It’s difficult to pet the Doo without a little white snoze pushing into the picture.

Liza Doo seems pretty pleased with her new friend and spends a bit of time each morning and afternoon grooming her. So far, no accidents in the house. Here are two pics of the new addition and one of the Doodlebug returning from a romp in the snow.


February 16, 2008

We’re increasing!

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Tomorrow we’re adding another critter to our clan. The Doodlebug will be getting a brother or sister from the fine folks at KC REGAP. Hopefully lightning will strike twice as the Doo is an awesome dog. Wish us luck!

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