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August 21, 2008

Yael Abouhalkah’s jittles must be all tingly at the thought.

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KCK will be discussing the future of smoking within its own bars and restaurants. I keep trying to support local bars, but smoking outside’s a drag what with the homeless hitting you up for change and people in passing cars screaming “Queer!” as they drive by. Can’t a guy wear a kilt and platform sneakers without all the judgement? I guess there’s always Riverside.

Has anybody looked into that whole “private club” theory?

April 21, 2008

And it feels like I’m 17 again…

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What an awesome week! I put in significantly fewer hours at The Work and took a break from blogging, reading blogs and other general internet shim-sham.

Wednesday night we celebrated Maureen’s Passing of the Bar at Bar Natasha. She’s an official lawya now and I couldn’t be happier. Afterward, I wanted to continue the celebration by punching a cop but nobody else was in, so I came home.

I capped off the relatively low-key week by charring & scrubbing in the house this weekend. The last few weeks of long hours and worky-weekends had taken a toll on The Residence. I swept up a couple of pounds of dog- and cat hair and scraped the first few inches of dust off our dear possessions. Saturday night we (along with Patterson & Patti) hit Sidekicks for darts & drinks after an early taco buffet supper at The Residence. Good times, somewhat mitigated by the fact that they were holding their bi-weekly line dancing classes. I find few things on this earth more dreary than line-dancing, but the two lesbians & the gay guy with a service dog seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I ordered another scotch & soda with lime and endured.

Today didn’t suck at all. Apparently spring has decided to arrive and it was absolutely gorgeous out & about. The Husband & I walked the dogs and delivered neighborhood newsletters. This afternoon I enjoyed a couple of caipirinhas and a nap before preparing a pasta supper Scoots and his lurvely wife, Mrs. Scoots. Those crazy kids arrived with salad fixin’s & a home-smoked salmon for nibbling (suck it, Ladybird!).

Dinner was a comedy of errors. As I put the first piece of garlic bread on my plate, a stray cat hair wafted in from nowhere and perched delicately atop it – a most inauspicious beginning. Midway through dinner, Beebs trotted in from the kitchen looking very pleased with herself, the remains of the smoked salmon hanging from her mouth. Then the cat took a dump on the carpet. So, just another awesome dinner party at home. On the plus side, we tried a really amazing new-to-us wine.

After supper we watched the final two episodes of Tales of the City and enjoyed The Husbands lemon cake with whipped cream frosting. Now that Scoots & Mrs. Scoots have vacated, The Husband & I are watching the Rock of Love reunion show while I update The Blog.

Here’s why it feels like I’m seventeen again (with many apologies to Annie Lenox). I find most shots to be lousy and reeking of douchitude, only suitable for kids at high school parties and totally inappropriate for anyone over the age of twenty-one. At Maureen’s Congratulations on Not Fucking Up the Bar party, I found a shot I like.

  • Poison Apple
  • In a shotglass, put 3-4 good dashes of Tabasco. Top with Apple Pucker. That’s it. Easy, awesome & a shot I can get behind.

April 1, 2008

The Libertarians are calling from inside the house! And other developments.

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The Work has been monopolizing a great deal of my time. Between it and the TiVo, I can barely keep ahead. Here’s some shiz I read around the blog-o-sphere over the last few days. Catch you on the flip.

Back to your regularly scheduled gin & tonics.

March 26, 2008

Shawn Moriarty is the best bartender in the city.

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Ladybird, Scoots & I went down to City Tavern in the Freight House District last week and we’ve been talking about it ever since. We used to stop in fairly regularly for oysters & smart cocktails, until I had an unfortunate encounter with a bad oyster. Twenty-four hours of toe-curling stomach cramps with the dog laying beside me praying I didn’t die (she knows which daddy likes her best) kinda put me off my game for several months.

But a few night’s back the scheduling stars aligned and we made our way back to the Tavern. Nothing’s changed, not that we really expected it. There are still the same amazingly well-crafted happy hour appetizers priced crazy-low for the quality of the ingredients. Oysters are still $1/each from 4-6 (though I gave them a wide bearth; I’m not quite ready to climb back up on that particular horse) and Shawn Moriarty is still making some of, if not the best cocktails in the city.

Mr. Moriarty is cocktail nut and it shows in his craftsmanship. He’ll make any drink you like exactly as you like it and if you don’t know what you want, after an appraising look, he’ll rattle off a few suggestions. His Corpse Reviver No. 2 is a revelation, his Negroni sublime and his Jasmine rocks all ass. Plus he dresses like an old-school barkeep with a vest and armbands and tie. Also, he’s quite easy on the eyes.

If you haven’t tried the City Tavern bar, I recommend a trip post-haste. Stick around for an awesome dinner, too. Ladybird & I are already planning another trip this week. If you see a couple of folks tossing back Rusty Nails & cackling like mad, stop by & say hey.

March 25, 2008

Carcinogens like to turn in early.

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Kansas City’s council-approved smoking ban began today. I guess. The downtown bar/restaurant where I enjoyed happy hour this evening wasn’t bothering to enforce the 9pm rule. I enjoyed several of the few Camel Special Lights left in the city along with a number of rather smart martinis with my dear friends, C. & K.

If we have to protect the children, I humbly submit we ban children from anyplace where adult activities (like smoking, drinking, working, talking, etc) take place. Plus, I suspect children cause cancer.

March 9, 2008

Love is where you find it, when you find no love at home.

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A perfectly delightful evening cut short by illicit lesbian liaisons! The Husband & I went to throw darts at Sidekicks (near 38th & Main) this evening with our dear friend, P. Oh, and it was lovely! The drinks were simple but strong, the crowd was light and the DJ was playing any song we liked for a dollar (I requested some favorites including “Straight Tequila Night,” “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” and “After the Fire is Gone”), but P., the craven tramp, had to get home so she could carry on her illicit Second Life affair with some hussy, totally betraying her vows to her lovely wife D. (who also occasionally has an internet affair, but that’s totally beside the point because its never ruined a wonderful time I was having). How dare you, madam? How dare you? On the plus side, awesome gin & tonics, so not a total loss

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