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March 13, 2008

A Kansas City PSA: Avoid Original Juan Bloody Mary Mix.

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I had been really looking forward to trying this ever since I read about it in some Pitch ‘Best of’ issue a year or two back. I finally made it down to the Original Juan factory store on the Boulevard last week and picked up a bottle. My friend C. (of bum shit fame) and I decided to give it a whirl this evening while we watched a couple of episodes of “The Whitest Kids U Know.” We’re both huge fans of Zing Zang, but thought supporting a local product would be kinda nice. Lesson leard. While pain may be good, Originial Juan Blood Mary mix is unspeakably vile.

First of all, it’s thick. Too thick. It sat atop the vodka like a large red dump. Even a thorough stirring failed to integrate it fully. The mouth-feel was heavy & chewy and generally unpleasant. I could have overlooked these characteristics if it weren’t for the taste. The primary flavor is, of course, tomato, but there is a very heavy beef bouillon note, and it ain’t good. It’s a canned beef stock flavor, tinny & sharp. The spice was nice, but I couldn’t get past the tinny artificial meat flavors. We finished our bloody mary’s and fixed a couple of Herbsaint & Cokes to take the taste out of our mouths. I’ll be pouring the rest down the drain and running back to Zing Zang.

I also purchased bottle of hot sauce on my visit and have the highest of hopes. I highly recommend visiting the factory store as it’s a very cool place. They have samples of all their products (and I suggest you take advantage of it; I didn’t and that’s $3.50 I won’t see again soon).

February 27, 2008

Behold, Scottish cough medicine!

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I’ve been hacking up a lung all day, but my friend C. had reserved us spots (along with his wife S. and our dear friend K.) several weeks ago at a Scotch tasting at the Cellar Rat at 17th & Baltimore scheduled for this evening. The shindig was $35 and, while I’m a notorious spend-thrift, I hate to waste money on a ticket and not actually hit the event, so I sacked up, fixed myself a to-go mug of hot water with lemon and scooted on down to the CR.

The Cellar Rat folks run a great little shop. Their wine selection is awesome, the staff is knowledgeable and the operation is just generally first rate all around. They also carry a small selection of top-shelf liquors and have a small selection of meats & cheeses (they occasionally make their own mozzarella in-house). The tasting tonight was for several Signatory-bottled single-malt Scotches. I’d previously attended a tasting for some of their younger Scotches at the Hy-Vee liquor shop near 75th & State Line, but the batch we tasted tonight was far superior, not a stinker in the bunch.

I ended up pre-spending a good chunk of my tax return on a really great, creamy, peaty bottle of cask-strength 12-year old Laphroaig. All in all, a great way to spend a Tuesday evening.

And my throat feels much better!

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