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August 19, 2008

Glory be!

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America’s favorite civics geek & mannish woman (and love of my iPod-listening life), Rachel Maddow, is replacing Dan Abrams in the 8pm CST slot on MSNBC. Congratulations to the good doctor!

Tune in Sept. 8 for what his hopefully a long run of well-informed, thoughtful and awesomely hot television.

August 18, 2008

Stuff we did today.

Bought a Dyson Slim. The phrase ‘sucks like a Hoover’ should immediately be replaced with ‘sucks like a Dyson.’ This is probably the most well-designed thing we’ve ever owned. Even the box is a marvel of invention.

Hung a print I bought & framed. The artist, James Amerson, took pictures of drag queens during Mardi Gras & Southern Decadence, painted portraits from the photos and auctioned the portraits to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Now he’s selling prints. This is Fonzie Martini and she has pride of place in our dining room, just above the liquor cabinet.

I had brunch at Avenues Bistro with Leigh Anne & Joe. Wow. This place is good and provides a cheap brunch. For $12.95, you get your choice of a couple dozen entrees and as many trips to the brunch buffet as you like. The buffet is divided between an antipasto section consisting of various meats, cheeses and pickled vegetables and a section of cold salads & various breads and pastries. We had 10am reservations but didn’t need them, though it was beginning to fill up when we left shortly after 11. Of course, people were standing 10 deep outside of Sharp’s. If you’re a Sharp’s Sunday devotee, save yourself some wait time and a mediocre meal and make a reservation up the street. The food & service are way-betta.

August 2, 2008

Said it before & I’ll say it again.

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I love Rachel Maddow. Enjoy Uncle Pat’s smackdown at the hands of America’s sweetheart.

July 20, 2008

Set your TiVo’s, kids.

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As a matter of course, I rank Logo right up there with BET & Lifetime (Golden Girls reruns aside as that shit’s going to be funny forevah) as a niche channel with below average offerings catering to the lowest common denominator. However, I’m really looking forward to Wednesday’s premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series.

I grew up in a small town with women like these. When my friend Patterson took me to see the film version of Sordid Lives at the gay film festival a few years back it was like watching old home movies. I will definitely be tuning in on Wednesday night.

July 17, 2008

Some stuff I found lying around on the internets.

May 3, 2008

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a sexy billionaire industrialist and weapons designer!

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Slipped away from The Work early today to catch “Iron Man” at the Plaza Cinemark. Good show; go see.

May 1, 2008

Say it ain’t so! Emily Howard arrested!

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But she’s a lady! Little America? I’m so very happy 😀

April 21, 2008

And it feels like I’m 17 again…

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What an awesome week! I put in significantly fewer hours at The Work and took a break from blogging, reading blogs and other general internet shim-sham.

Wednesday night we celebrated Maureen’s Passing of the Bar at Bar Natasha. She’s an official lawya now and I couldn’t be happier. Afterward, I wanted to continue the celebration by punching a cop but nobody else was in, so I came home.

I capped off the relatively low-key week by charring & scrubbing in the house this weekend. The last few weeks of long hours and worky-weekends had taken a toll on The Residence. I swept up a couple of pounds of dog- and cat hair and scraped the first few inches of dust off our dear possessions. Saturday night we (along with Patterson & Patti) hit Sidekicks for darts & drinks after an early taco buffet supper at The Residence. Good times, somewhat mitigated by the fact that they were holding their bi-weekly line dancing classes. I find few things on this earth more dreary than line-dancing, but the two lesbians & the gay guy with a service dog seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I ordered another scotch & soda with lime and endured.

Today didn’t suck at all. Apparently spring has decided to arrive and it was absolutely gorgeous out & about. The Husband & I walked the dogs and delivered neighborhood newsletters. This afternoon I enjoyed a couple of caipirinhas and a nap before preparing a pasta supper Scoots and his lurvely wife, Mrs. Scoots. Those crazy kids arrived with salad fixin’s & a home-smoked salmon for nibbling (suck it, Ladybird!).

Dinner was a comedy of errors. As I put the first piece of garlic bread on my plate, a stray cat hair wafted in from nowhere and perched delicately atop it – a most inauspicious beginning. Midway through dinner, Beebs trotted in from the kitchen looking very pleased with herself, the remains of the smoked salmon hanging from her mouth. Then the cat took a dump on the carpet. So, just another awesome dinner party at home. On the plus side, we tried a really amazing new-to-us wine.

After supper we watched the final two episodes of Tales of the City and enjoyed The Husbands lemon cake with whipped cream frosting. Now that Scoots & Mrs. Scoots have vacated, The Husband & I are watching the Rock of Love reunion show while I update The Blog.

Here’s why it feels like I’m seventeen again (with many apologies to Annie Lenox). I find most shots to be lousy and reeking of douchitude, only suitable for kids at high school parties and totally inappropriate for anyone over the age of twenty-one. At Maureen’s Congratulations on Not Fucking Up the Bar party, I found a shot I like.

  • Poison Apple
  • In a shotglass, put 3-4 good dashes of Tabasco. Top with Apple Pucker. That’s it. Easy, awesome & a shot I can get behind.

March 28, 2008

The feel-good theater event of the season!

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Patterson, The Husband & I attended this evening’s production of “The Little Dog Laughed” at the Unicorn. It’s the story of an up-and-coming Hollywood actor, Mitch Green, and the conflict between his dreams for his career and his love for the male hustler he ordered in one drunken night for a bit of comfort. Donna Thompson turns in a stellar performance as his driven, hilarious agent who finds her own dreams crumbling when Mitch begins to question what he truly wants from life. It’s a great little piece of theater on how our search for love can have unintended consequences, how those closest to us can manipulate us for their own gain and about a betrayal of the love one person feels for another. That’s a lot for a show to tackle and it only one of the four characters ends up getting exactly what he or she wants.

Why is it the feel good show of the season? FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDITY, BABY! Jittles bouncing up-stage right to down-stage left. And these are some serious jittles. Plus, it’s a damn funny show. But mostly there’s jittles. It’s running through the Sunday matinée. Call for tickets if you like nummy boys wearing little or nothing and and a hi-larious Hollywood shark who’s pulling all the strings.

March 17, 2008

“Oh, what a year it could have been.”

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From TRex:

“Can you imagine how different the 2007 legislative year would have been if Nancy Pelosi had delivered a transcription of the remarks above as her keynote speech at the beginning of the session?

“And then I’m gonna beat the shit out of you with my goddamn shoe! Think I’m playin’?“”

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