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March 26, 2010

Do NOT come between a lady and her payday.

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This lucky charmer issued a beat down in the middle of a Chicago(home of Mimi Plastique!) public aid office. And then began to vogue. Seriously.

Maybe when he collects his check, he can road-trip down Georgia way and sort out this poor kid‘s POS parents.


November 16, 2008

Teh ghey and friends: from today’s “Join the Impact” rally on the Plaza.


LA, Ladybird & Mo

We arrived too late for the rally and missed most of the speakers. Under the impression Mo was handling the sign-work, I delivered my sign request earlier in the week. Upon arrival I discovered a bag of markers and some posterboard, so on a park bench Leigh Anne & I did a half-assed job and produced this not-very-attractive but funny sign. Totally lifted that slogan from the internets.


LA is holding a sign someone passed her as they left. I kinda get, though it could’ve been expressed more clearly. I guess it’s the sentiment that counts.


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