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August 23, 2008

Man, I hate Starlight.

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“You know what this midwestern river town needs? An outdoor theater! Who wouldn’t love to be alternately rained out, struck by lightning, swelter in the summer heat, wilt in 100% humidity & dodge mosquitos the size of starlings?”

“Best idea ever. Let’s get to building.”

I imagine that’s how Starlight was conceived anyhow.

That being said, Kathy Griffin’s sold-out show at Starlight this evening was fantastic. When I told my hairdresser I was going, he responded “you and every other fucking fag in this city.” Couldn’t have been more true. A terrorist’s bomb or gross structural failure could have decimated the ‘mosexual population of Kansas City tonight.

Kathy looked fantastic and hit all the touchstones: her mom; Oprah; Tom Cruise; Ryan Seacrest; Britney & of course, Barbara Walters.

Best part? We were 6 rows back from the stage and had VIP parking. This went a long way toward making me feel better about the 17 pounds I lost from schvitzing like a hoo-ah.

Now I’m sitting at home watching Marky-Mark piss & moan about the council & the city manager on ‘Kansas City Week in Review.’ What a fucking tool.

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