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September 25, 2008

Leadership? Bullshit.

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With the first presidential debate (and the opportunity to present a coherent vision for a post-Bush economy) two days away and with the possibility of rescheduling it on the day of the vice-presidential debate thus postponing that ass-whuppin’ in the making while giving that noted foreign policy & energy scholar Sarah Palin more time to cram for the Big Test, all of a sudden economic mastermind John McCain must return to Washington.

So…deny a problem exists, eventually acknowledge the problem while trying to pin the blame on your opponent, and six days after a bailout measure is proposed make a grandstanding gesture of ‘rushing back to Washington’ to ‘broker a solution’ when all polls indicate the majority of the American people seem to think you know as much about the economy as you do about, oh let’s say, being a faithful spouse. Why, that sounds like the distinguished senior Senator from Arizona to me.

On Tuesday the economy wasn’t important enough to cancel his running-mate’s photo-ops with various world leaders. Wasn’t a crisis on Sunday or Monday when campaigning in battleground states. Wasn’t a crisis this past Saturday when the Senator was attending a football game and class reunion.


Since it’s obvious McCain can read and understand polls, maybe he’d like to have a gander at this one. The American people want the debates as scheduled but wouldn’t mind a refocus from foreign policy to the economy. Oh, wait. Maybe he has read it.

Some fun reading: a list of national and global events and crises for which previous debates weren‘t cancelled.

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  1. But just this morning party leaders were saying that if McCain didn’t come the bailout wouldn’t pass…



    Comment by kolchak33 — September 25, 2008 @ 2:26 am

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